Buyer's Guide

The coffee table, if you think about it, is more than a piece of furniture to place your cup and magazine on.  It is a focal point of your living room and catches your eye as you first enter the room. 

Here is a quick guide to help you make the right choice.

Coffee Table Materials:

Consider the type and blend of color and materials that will suit your room.  There are several combinations wood, glass, metal, marble, tile, fabrics to consider.  In first instance run a quick visual check across lots of images and start building ideas.

The Size:

Decide where in the room the table will be positioned and determine the size and shape allowing room to move around the table.  Measure the table space Length, Width and Height.

The Use:

When deciding on the size and shape remember a coffee table is versatile and think about how you will use your table: storage, drinks holder, desk, magazine holder, footrest?  Should it have a shelf, drawers how many, should it conceal items a have a lift top possibly?  How often will it be used, and the lifestyle is important in deciding the materials and type of table you should choose. 

The Look:

Determine the look and style of your living room and decide what other furniture or furnishings in the room you wish to match, enhance, or contrast.  You want to make a statement and make the coffee table fashionable and in keeping with the rooms theme and style.

Happy shopping the best part is picking that ideal coffee table for your home!