Our Story

Welcome to Finesse Tables!

Finesse Tables was founded in 2021 and is a real family business.  The team members are Mom, Dad, and Son.  This all started when we were trying to decide on furniture for the family home.  As you can imagine, this wasn't an easy or quick decision.  We all have different styles and tastes but ultimately Mom decided, we assume this happens most of the time in other families!  

During this process we realized that there wasn't an online store that catered to our styles and tastes.  We had to go to many different online stores before we all (Mom) found what she wanted for our home.  From this, our vision was clear.  We wanted to create a store with an easy means to find beautiful home table furniture.  Every home and décor are unique to a family, couple or individual and our passion is to help you find that perfect piece for your home.  You do not deserve the ordinary, you deserve tables that make a statement and catch your eye as you enter the room.     

We have worked hard in sourcing and working with amazing brands to help you find that perfect table.  Our selections of tables are expanding almost daily, and we are proud of the tables that we offer.  We really feel we have a wide selection of tables that can suit any home.  It is extremely important to us that we continue sourcing quality tables, and we personally talk with brands to ensure that they live up to the quality that we want to offer you.

As we are a family business, we take great pride in providing a memorable experience.  We are available Monday - Friday 9-5 eastern time, via online chat, email or pick up the phone and call us! Especially if you like a British Accent!

It really is our pleasure to assist you so if you have any questions about our products or wish to simply check the availability of an item, please get in touch.

Thank you for reading our short story into how we started Finesse Tables!

Adam (Son), Jenny (Mom) & Lester (Dad)