The ultimate step by step guide in picking the perfect coffee table for your home

The ultimate step by step guide in picking the perfect coffee table for your home

At finessetables we obviously love coffee tables, and we also believe that the coffee table is the heart and center of a living room.  It is also one of the main focal points of the room.

Picking the right coffee table is difficult, it must go with the décor of the room, the furniture of the room and is often the last purchase to complete a room.  It is also extremely important to identify its purpose.  Do you need a coffee table that is versatile as you have a big family, or will the table be used to complement and balance the room, or do you simply just want one.

We have you covered! Below is a guide with a few helpful tips to help you decide on what coffee table is right for you.

1) What size coffee table should you have in your room and how to complement it with the rest of your furniture

It is important that the surface area is large enough to match your needs as it can have multiple uses.  For example, you can store your books/magazines, a cup, a blanket, or anything else you may need to use it for.  It can also be used to rest your feet. 

Generally, the coffee table should be the same height or slightly lower than the seat base of your couch.  Placing the table correctly is important, there should be enough space between the couch/chair to the table to be able to pass it and not to be placed near any other furniture.  It should be the focal point and part of the seating experience. 

2) What coffee table to choose to make the room look larger and can a coffee table make a room look to small

This all depends on the size of your room and the shape of your room.  If you have a large room, there isn’t a need to be so strict on the size.  If you have a square/rectangle room, it is best to go with a square or rectangle coffee table as it is in keeping with the symmetry.  Also measuring the size of the table beforehand is important as it could be too big or small for a room.

If you have a small room, it is best to go with a round coffee table with storage as it creates more space to walk around.  Having a glass table should also be considered due to its transparency and reflective qualities which create the illusion of more space. 

3) How to match your coffee table with your home interior and what coffee table styles are tending at finessetables

The coffee table that you decide to pick should be in keeping with your interior decoration.  Whether you decide an inexpensive or expensive coffee table that doesn’t matter.  If you have a minimalist style room, choose a coffee table with a simple design.  If you have more of an eccentric taste, choose a coffee table with a pattern or a feature tabletop.  You may want a table to go with a couch, popular colored couches like gray or black will go with any color coffee table. 

One of our most searched tables are black and gold coffee table, round coffee tables with storage and matching coffee and side tables.

Whether you’re looking for coffee tables in New York, coffee tables in Florida, coffee tables in South Carolina, coffee tables in Connecticut or even coffee tables in the district of Columbia.  We are on hand to help you to decide the perfect coffee table for your home.