Make a statement in your room with our stunning Marble Coffee Tables

Make a statement in your room with our stunning Marble Coffee Tables

Marble tables are an eye-catching addition to any room and we wanted to write this blog to answer a few questions you might have before buying one. But first, we want to explain what marble is and what makes it so special. Then get into the specifics of the different types of Marble tables we offer and how to maintain them.

What is Marble, what kind of rock is Marble and why a Marble table should be the choice for you?

Marble is a beautiful naturally obtained material from Limestone and it takes millions of years to form. The reason for this is that Limestone is a sedimentary rock buried deep in earth and over time the heat and pressure can change the rock and form it into Marble. As Marble is a naturally obtained material, it is one of the first choices for a table. Marble is very durable, and because of the quality of the material it will always be timeless. And what makes Marble even more special is that each Marble top table will always be slightly different as it is a natural rock with its own patterns and colors.

The Marble tables that we offer are available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Finding one should be easy and the marble table that you choose will perfectly match your home décor.

Now, let's look at the various Marble tables that we offer:

Oval/Circle Marble Coffee Table: One of the most popular shapes for a Marble table. It is one of the oldest and most classic shapes for a Marble Coffee table. This is perfect for a family room, a dining room or for an entertaining room. Most of the Marble Coffee Tables that we offer are White or Black marble. We personally think Black or White Marble are the most beautiful marble pieces as they are classically timeless and elegant. Our Oval/Circle Marble coffee tables are perfect for a centre piece in your room.

Square Marble Coffee Table: A square Marble Coffee Table is perfect for square rooms or smaller spaces. Having a square marble coffee table in a square room will created a balanced look to the room and give it a more symmetrical look all around. Also having a square marble coffee table in a smaller space will really showcase how beautiful the table is. It is a perfect situation for both spaces!

Marble Coffee Table set of 2 or 3: Having individual pieces of a Marble Table are a must when you need space saving solutions for a room. It can be easily moved and used in different places in your room. Most of the Marble table sets are also different dimensions and can be used it different ways. The Marble Coffee table sets are also used to showcase stunning Marble centre pieces and create a Wow factor in your room.

Marble Accent Tables and Marble End Tables: These Marble tables are a perfect size to add a touch of elegance and style to your home. A Marble Accent table really binds a room together and completes the interior of a room. Whilst a Marble End table is easily accessible for those who are seated for when family and friends are over.

Now, let's look at the brands of Marble tables that we offer:

We work with amazing brands that offer stunning Marble Coffee tables, Marble Accent tables and Marble End Tables. All offering different sizes, shapes and dimensions to suit your needs.

Madison Park Marble Coffee Tables: Madison Park is a brand that really focuses on home décor lifestyles which are elegant and classic. It has a beautiful selection of Marble Coffee Tables. Madison Park also has a sophisticated selection of accent tables, nesting tables, tiered tables, end tables, pedestal tables and console tables.

Eichholtz Marble Coffee Tables: Over the years, Eichholtz has grown into one of the world’s most well-known luxury designer furniture brands. Each Eichnoltz Marble table is crafted to make a statement in any room. Luxury at its finest.

Andrew Martin Marble Coffee Tables: Since 1978, Andrew Martin has been at the forefront of global design. Andrew Martin Marble Coffee Tables are designed to make a statement in any room. Butler Speciality Company Marble Coffee Tables:

Butler Specialty Company has been furnishing American homes since 1930. Every Butler Marble Coffee Table is crafted to exacting standards giving each a high perceived value and a quality story that became the basis for the brand.

OROA Marble Coffee Tables: OROA GROUP is known for distinctive European furniture since 2004. Their mantra is to provide luxury, sophistication and to delivery that WOW factor! The Oroa Marble Coffee Tables showcases beautiful living room tables to adorn in any home.

Cyan Design Marble Coffee Tables: Cyan Design has been an industry leader in home décor with distinctively eclectic styles for over a decade. Cyan design are passionate about interior design and their mantra is creating: Beautiful Objects for Beautiful Lives. Each Cyan Design Marble Coffee Table receives the highest attention to detail from start to finish.

Koket Marble Coffee Tables: Koket's mantra is empowerment, through their statement pieces and unique designs bringing style, glamour, and love to your home. Koket Marble Coffee Tables are extremely high end and quality one off pieces that really showcase high end design.

Arditi Design Marble Coffee Tables: Arditi Design is an exclusive designer and producer of luxury handmade furniture based in Florida. Arditi design and produce handmade, high-end, custom-made luxury tables. All of Arditi’s Marble Coffee Tables are crafted to order and can be made to suit your own size and color requirements.

How should you take care of your Mable Coffee Table and other frequently asked questions:

When you have a Marble Coffee Table, Marble Accent Table, Marble End Table or any other type of Marble table there is some maintenance required. Marble is expensive but very durable so regular low maintenance is needed to maintain the beauty of Marble.

What is the best way to clean a Marble Coffee Table?

• Remove dust with a soft cloth

• Use mild neutral cleaners or stone cleaners every week

• Always use coasters on any Marble Table

• Wipe any liquid immediately with a damp cloth

Can Marble Coffee Tables Scratch?

Short answer is yes. Marble is a softer material and can be prone to being scratched. It is also difficult to remove scratches. We recommend placing a table runner, coasters or any other protective layer when placing any type of crockery on the table.

Can you put hot items on Marble tables and can Marble coffee tables burn?

Marble is a stone and is able to handle hot items placed on it. However, we do not recommend this as Marble can retain heat/burn marks. They can be removed but to avoid any marks it is best to place a ceramic plate on the table first.

Can a Marble Coffee Table or Marble Table Break or crack?

Yes. Marble can crack or break if it is hit with a hard material. Be extremely careful when handling a Marble table or objects around it that could impact it.

Can a Marble Coffee Table stain?

Marble tables can be prone to stains depending on the type of substance that is on it. Avoid anything that is hot as mentioned above. Also avoid anything acidic such as vinegar as this can blemish Marble that will be very difficult to remove. Best practise is to protect it the table when placing anything on it.