Everything you need to know about Accent Tables

Everything you need to know about Accent Tables

Everything you need to know about Accent Tables and why everyone should have one!

Accent Tables are much more than a small object in a room.  Forget the idea of adding a floor lamp, a standing light, a piece of art or anything else to finish a room.  An Accent table is the perfect addition to a room.  An Accent table can really compliment a room, make a real impression, and should never be undervalued.  They are often lightweight, portable, provide storage in tight spaces and practical in many ways.  They can be kept next to a couch or chair or used in the corner of a room as storage and a decorative piece. 

There are many different designs for Accent tables that can suit an individual’s design tastes such as the shape size or look of the table.  Positioning an Accent Table is also important, it completes the design of a living room or any room and should be accessible for those who are seated if it is placed next to a couch or chair.  Accent tables are also a perfect accompaniment to a Coffee table.  Coffee tables are usually in the centre of the room and kept as a focal point.  They are often much bigger than Accent Tables, but a Coffee table has different uses.  When friends and family are over a Coffee table can used as a place for food and snacks, where as an Accent Table which is next to the couch can be used to store drinks.  Coffee Tables are also generally a minimum of a metre from a couch or chair making it unreachable when relaxing.  Whereas an Accent Table is easily accessible as its usually placed nearer a person.  These are just a few examples of how both tables compliment each other.  

An easy guide to help you choose the right Accent Table for your room

When trying to choose the right Accent table for your room it is important to know what you are looking for.  Accent tables come in different sizes i.e., round, oval or square top, short or tall in size and with different bases i.e., flat base, square base, or leg base.  Each brand also designs their Accent tables differently.  Some brands make Metal Accent Tables, Wooden Accent Tables, Marble top Accent Tables and so on.  It is also crucial that the Accent table chosen for a room is suitable for what it is needed for.

How tall should the Accent table be?

At Finesse Tables we recommend that you buy a table roughly level with your couch or chair or just a few inches higher.  Also, ensure that the depth of the table doesn’t exceed your couch or chair.  The table should be easily reachable and not overstretch the arm if a person is seated.  If the table is out of proportion, it wouldn’t look right in any room. 

It is also important to make sure you pick the right sized Accent table for the couches or chairs that you have.  If it is too small, it will get lost in the room or if it is too big it will stick out.  Ensure that the frame, height, length, and depth perfectly match with the furniture in the room. 

Accent tables come in different shapes; it is important to know how you want the room to be before placing the table.  Having an Accent table with a circle top is more sociable and provides better use in a smaller space.  Whereas an Accent table with a square/rectangle top connect the furniture and make a room look evenly proportioned especially if you have a square room. 

What is the best way to style an Accent table?

A few people find themselves stuck in how to use an Accent table and lack creative ideas on how make it an addition to a room.  At Finesse Tables we have come up with a few ideas.

One of the best ways to style an Accent table is to leave it empty.  Most Accent tables have a beautiful design on the top and this should be showed off.  Accent tables are decorative pieces and should be shown off this way.

Accent Tables can also be used to showcase accessories or to set a mood of a room.  Having a beautiful lamp on top of it, a bespoke piece of art on top, a family picture or to store your favorite book selection.  Turning an Accent table into a bookshelf is perfect.  What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon sitting on your couch and having your favorite books readily available next to you to read.

One use of an Accent table is to use one in an office, home office or workstation.  Accent tables can compliment the furniture in these rooms, increase storage, add organization to the space and be placed anywhere in the room due to the portability and compactness of Accent tables.

We’ve left the best till last, what would be better than a floral arrangement on display on a beautiful Accent table.  Adding a gorgeous vase, with beautiful flowers in it would transform the Accent table to the focal point of any room or entryway.

A selection of handpicked Accent tables that we offer that would be perfect in any room

1) Madison Park Garcia Round Accent Wooden Living Room Table


Its round design is small, unique, decorative, practical, and you can easily fit it near an armchair or sofa. You can create a cozy corner for relaxing alone or hanging out with your favorite people.

2) Round Accent Table Madison Park Arian Quatrefoil Living Room Mirror Top Furniture


The Arian Quatrefoil mirror accent table is the perfect addition to any room.  Compact with a beautiful reflective design to make a smaller space bigger.

3) Madison Park Sophia Round Accent Pedestal End Table Metal Black and Gold


This Madison Park Sophia Round Accent Table will fit right in whether you have a modern, traditional, or eclectic interior living room design. You can even use this beautiful round side table as a tool to give your space an organic, transitional look. Plus, it helps that the top is spacious enough to hold a few decor pieces like a lamp or vase.

4) Round Accent Table Madison Park Cirque Living Room Metal Drum Furniture


This antiqued bronze metal accent drum table offers the perfect touch to any rooms décor when used as additional seating as an accent.  Displayed in pairs as a drinks table alternative or even used as a plant stand accessory.  Plus, it’s the perfect to store your favorite books!

5) Square Nesting Tables Cyan Design Galleria Glass Top Metal Base Two Table Nest Home Décor


This comes as a set of 2 Nesting Table which is perfect for social events, storage, and portability.  Also having a metal reflective tabletop will make a smaller space appear bigger.  It is also compact with a depth of 18 inches but providing 2 tables into one is great when extra tables are needed.   

6) Round Pedestal End Table INK+IVY Mercer


The Mercer pedestal table is the perfect addition to any room.  Accent mid-century modern to your living room with the Mercer pedestal.  Inspired by the iconic 60's silhouette with a modern twist of golden bronze tops and antique bronze wire frames for an updated look.

7) Round End Table Arditi Collection New Yorker 


Inspired elegant classical contemporary design in an acrylic varnish will certainly make a statement to your decor.  The end table has a round glass top and a stunning walnut base and frame.

8) Triangular End Table INK+IVY Blaze


Whether you’re a fan of the mid-century modern design or not, you’ll love the Triangle Wood End Table from Ink+Ivy.  Inspired by the said interior style, this wooden table features a triangular tabletop with a unique base style. 

9) End Table Cyan Design Enchantment Side Glass Top Table


The Enchantment end table boasts modern appeal with its perfectly symmetrical wire metal frame.  Within the box-shaped base, thin iron wires converge on the inner portion of the table to form a smaller box within a box.

10) Round End Table Arditi Collection Tombo


 Arditi Collection tables are handmade, high-end, custom-made luxury furniture, made of the best-selected woods.  As this luxury Arditi product is handmade crafted to order it can be made to suit your own size or color requirements.